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In this intensely competitive market today, the demand for a highly engaged work force is of utmost importance. Many different methods have been tried over the years with limited success. Based on the studies of employee performance experts and other, it has become clear that the way to motivate employees and people in general is to create a system that provides an individual with regular feedback on achievements using scoring and scorecards.

One reason why sports are so popular worldwide is because of the system of scoring, feedback and achievement. It has become evident when scoring that the more focused the score is towards an individual’s direct input the more the scoring can motivate the person to take responsibility for the results (scores). The same principle applies to the team. Creating an environment that allows for personal goal setting and continuous score feedback will create the same motivation in people as is created when competing at sport.

With this in mind Onsight was designed to accommodate a system to enable individuals to monitor progress and get accurate scoring, feedback and rewards for achievements (recognition). OnSIGHT acts as a guiding force behind any managerial structure by providing unbiased and consistent feedback – appraising the duly deserved and highlighting apparent issues in the work place. It fosters a keen sense of drive for individuals, instilling personal motivational factors i.e. how peers, managers and/or any clientele might view them through measurable performance indicators. This allows them to adjust any problem area before it creates unnecessary turmoil in the workplace.

Similarly, OnSIGHT provides integral information for decision makers within any organization by evaluating and providing side-by-side rankings of every facet within the organization: whether it’s employees, inventory, sales or equipment – OnSIGHT provides quantifiable, pertinent information presented in comprehensive charts and reports.

A customized strategically aligned employee recognition and corporate scoring system helps nurture a positive corporate culture that boosts employee engagement, creates high performance, and ultimately provides competitive advantage. Continuous feedback assists in attracting, retaining and developing skilled staff. It also increases productivity and instills customer-centric values. OnSIGHT can help you achieve your performance goals with a tailored, best practice employee motivation solution.
OnSight Benefits
Motivates Employees
Directs Behaviors
Increases Visibility
Focuses Goals
Clarifies Expectations
Enables Accountability
Increases Objectivity
Enables Goal Setting
Facilitates Feedback
Increases Alignment
Improves Decision Making
Customer Feedback
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